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Our cheeses contain only natural ingredients, 

no preservatives are added, and they are all

manufactured at our Salmon Arm cheese plant.

Our cheese is made from the milk that is produced by our cows on our own farm. Our cows are Grass Fed Only, they graze on our pastures from May to October and we feed them organic hay in the winter months.



In 1981, the Gort family immigrated from Holland and purchased a 45-acre farm at Salmon Arm. Gort's Gouda Cheese Farm was established in 1983.   In August 2007, ownership of the farm switched to the Wikkerinks', a family from Agassiz.

At first, we made plain Gouda and Quark. Quark is a soft German cream cheese. As the years passed, we expanded into making different spiced Gouda's, Maasdammer (a Swiss-style cheese),  yogurt.

Over the years, we have not been hesitant to experiment with our cheese flavours, and have recently brought into production a new cheese we call Mazuda (it is a semi hard cheese with the zip from a Swiss style cheese but the texture is more like a Gouda).

In 2009 we started selling our cows milk in glass bottles.

We are also proud of a Champion Firm Cheese Gold Medal which was awarded in 2004 at the Canadian Grande Prix.

Sales started with just local sales but has grown to include going up and down the Okanagan and also a good distribution in the Vancouver area. We deliver to these areas weekly.

We take pride in the fact that twenty years later our artisan cheese is delivered to a variety of locations in the Shuswap, Okanagan, and the Lower-Mainland of British Columbia. Cheese is also shipped throughout the rest of Canada via Canada Post.



      The city in Holland where the Gouda recipe originates is Gouda, where cheesemaking is a time-old art. Making cheese, especially on the farm, has always been part of Dutch culture.

      Cheesemaking is an art as well as a science. Timing, temperature and cleanliness are extremely important.To deliver the best quality product to our customer, we work diligently to maintain excellence in the manufacture of our products.

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