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     Quark is a fresh cheese of European origin. It is a mild creamy cheese without the sour taste of yogurt. It is a soft un-aged white cheese and is similar but not the same thing as cream cheese or cottage cheese. It is also distinct from ricotta because ricotta is made from scalded whey.


     Quark has half the fat of regular cream cheese, and can be used in cheesecakes, as a spread with spices or jams, or just blend it with fresh fruit. Quark has a milk fat content of 15%, and has been around per scripts from ancient Greeks, Chinese, Romans and other Middle Eastern countries for centuries as a nutritional food item. 

     Quark is a much loved dairy product especially in German speaking countries. It is commonly used in meals from breakfast to dinner, appetizer to dessert, sweet to spicy, as a snack or in between meals.


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