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Wrapped Boxes
Wrapped Boxes
Order a gift box with exactly what you want in it


Order a randomly made gift box for a price that you decide! 

We appreciate your patience as we are trying to make this Online Gift Box Ordering as convenient as we can. When you order please keep in mind that we have a maximum of 12 items per box, granted that if they are all small items then we can maybe fit a few more. 

Here is what a finished box may look like...

We have two box sizes:
Large (16"x16")
The Large Box can have (10-12) Items
Small (12"x12").
The Small Box can have (6-8) Items
If your order doesn't fit we will be sure to contact you



Order a Random Box, if you don't want to choose what goes in the box.

Minimum $40 


Also select Yes under the "Gift Basket" option on each item so that we know it's for a gift basket

Keep in mind the box itself costs $10, all other items are added on top (eg: a $40 box is $30 worth of items)

If you want to order a box with

exactly what you want in it,

be sure to add a gift box to your cart.