All these products are made from our own milk which comes from our



Mild, Medium, & Aged Gouda


If you’re looking for some good old-fashioned plain Gouda, there are three choices.  All of them are creamy, well textured, and range from a mild Gouda flavor to the distinct, hearty taste of our award winning Aged.

     The mild Gouda is about two months old and is perfect if you’re looking for a lighter tasting cheese.

     Our medium is four to six months old, giving it a little bit stronger taste than the mild.

     Alas, the aged Gouda.  Receiving first place at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix in 2004, we can barely keep this one on the shelf!  Aged for at least one year or more, this cheese has an extremely creamy texture and rich flavor. 

It melts in your mouth!  

     Ask about our extra aged- a 2 year old cheese with a nice bite- melts in your mouth and leaves a lasting satisfaction.


Cumin Gouda


 Similar to the caraway seed, Cumin is known as “the Dutch spice” and has a unique flavor of its own.  We make sure there is always plenty of “Komijnenkaas” on hand for our regular customers.


Peppery and Garden Herb Gouda


 These two cheeses were some of the first flavors we made, and they are still highly in demand.    The Peppery cheese consists of ginger, onion & garlic and though some people may wonder if it is a hot cheese, it is not, as it is made with sweet red bell peppers. We have added whole peppercorns, giving this cheese a bit of a bite.  Try this one on homemade roast beef sandwiches!

If you like herbs, the Garden Herb Gouda (parsley, celery, onion, garlic, dill & chives) is for you.


 Mediterranean Gouda


The flavors of the world come to you in this unique blend.

It consists of onion, red pepper, parsley, pepper, thyme & oregano, making it a great Mediterranean cheese.


Jalapeno Gouda


 Wanna spice up your life a little bit?  ,Try melting this one on nachos!

 The plain Jalapeno is mildly spicy with just enough kick, making it very popular with customers.  The jalapenos also give the cheese a creamy texture.


 Smoked Habanero Gouda


 If you really want to heat things up, try the Smoked Habanero.  The Habanero pepper is the hottest Jalapeno there is & we combine it with a creamy Smoked flavor.  Hot! Hot!Hot! 

Smoked Gouda 

 If you like that “smoky” taste, here’s your cheese.  Our smoked flavored Gouda remains a popular choice with its creamy texture.   




 This is the newest addition to our grass fed cheeses.  It is both like Gouda and a Maasdammer.  Our cheesemaker came up with this creation by accident.  When we aged this cheese it had the bite of the Maasdammer but the texture of Gouda. Our customers are enjoying and calling this their favorite cheese.  Only from Grass Root Dairies can you find this semi hard cheese.


Maasdammer (Dutch Swiss)


 Another addition to our long line of cheeses is the Maasdammer.  The recipe for this mild, nutty flavored cheese comes straight from the Netherlands. 

The Maasdammer also known as our Dutch Swiss style cheese and is great for melting or just eating on its own.  Our long time customers love this one! It is now available in both Mild and Medium and Aged.